Mischief in 5/7/5.

Like haiku, you get
To the fucking point, my Dear.
Except for the theft.

Loki Mischief God
Keeper of my heart and soul
Give me back my pants

Loki, My Panties
Have hoofprints and Lipstick Stains
Was quite an evening

Loki please give me
my bra back, Yes it
looks better on Thor

Loki I know that
Boredom is not fun for you
Please don’t shave my cat

All Doorknobs are gone
windows now made of sugar
Good Morning Loki

Clothes shrunk in the wash
look like a stripper at work
stop laughing Flame-hair

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6 thoughts on “Lokikus

  1. Flame hair’s up to tricks.
    Quick, hide the sweets and liquor
    Before he finds cards.

    Loki, my dear love.
    If you ever gamble me
    No sex for a year.

    Kisses sweet as summer
    Are what you give to your love.
    Hold me, Loki dear.

    That oven mit’s mine.
    You cannot replace Thor’s glove
    With floral print cloth.

    “Mine” has no meaning
    When Loki decides he wants
    Your bra for a day.

    Woke up after noon.
    Hope Loki cleaned up the crime
    Scene at the bookstore.

    The sun through closed eyes.
    Loki, how did you get my
    Eyelids to turn blue?

    A walk on the beach.
    My long dreamt of lover there
    Walking beside me.

    Fell off bed again
    Not so rough next time Flamehair.
    Neighbors are impressed.

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