a Month for Loki: Salvation

This entry comes from a comment on my W&P blog, by Christine L Berger. In the comments section, she talks about Loki saving her life, and she wrote a poem that I’d like to share with y’all. Given that Loki also saved my life, I was touched that she shared her experience with Him on W&P.

Being Present, Making a Stand 07-02-13

It hit me
Reading a blog by a God-Spouse of Loki’s
That the message she had been given
Has bearing for all of us
and it is what provokes my courage in exposing myself
By writing honestly and from the heart
No matter the audience
Because in fact
If I write for or about how I love the Gods
I am truly writing as if They are standing right in front of
or behind or next to me
Because in reality
This thought we have of separation is bullshit

This month I found out is Loki’s
Which may be why I feel Him so strongly
and I was contemplating this morning at work
This whole idea of God-Spouse
or Priestess or Priest
and I saw that it was a bridge in
A grounding of the Gods here
and a foot into their realms
For the mortals
A blessing
A marriage
A union
If I invoke as above so below
As below, so above
as reality whether my conscious mind can fathom it or not
This to me is what living my life and making it sacred means

So if I stand before anyone doing a reading
Or I respond to a blog
Or I post my writing on Face-book
or Tumblr
Or Good God!
Even on match.com
It is because the reality of the Sacred Marriage
of Priestesshood
Does not alter depending on circumstances
It is the core of who I am
Whether I am called by them as Daughter
or Lover or Friend or Priestess
The labels do not effect the reality
I have been long gone in Their hands for lifetimes
It is only this one where the consciousness of that
Has surpassed any other reason for being.