For Mother’s Day

I grasp the concepts and realities of the Ancestors and Descendants in a way I couldn’t before. I am bone and blood and flesh of my mother and her mother before her and so on. My children are my bones and my blood. The Ancestors and my Descendants make me a mother, as much as my own choices, my own body, and those of my partner have.

I can never not be a mother.

via A happy mother’s day | myownashram.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Hail to the Disir! Hail to my beloved mother! Hail Frigga, All-Mother! Hail to the spiritworkers who balance the Work and motherhood, whether t!hey are physical mothers or spiritual ones!

To my Disir, may my Work bring honor to Your names, known and unknown, as surely as your blood flows in my veins. Together we weave the pattern of life.