Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation – YouTube.

I’m posting this because I was having a talk with a pal of mine (Hi Jim!) about the problem of perception in regards to the illusion that lots of people are having very intense spiritual experiences all the time. There are a couple things going on here, one of which Beth Lynch has already pointed out, which is that if you’re having one, it’s all you want to talk about. Everyone’s guilty of this. If you’re in love, all you talk about is your Beloved. And I don’t think it’s wrong to be focused on something that’s intense and is going on in your life.

Having said that, I’m gonna say this: most Pagans aren’t having super intense experiences all the time. Most of my own Pagan experiences, for many years, were not. I was not godtouched in a way that I was aware of consciously. If you’re reading the Internet and starting to feel as if your experiences aren’t good enough, I’m gonna strongly suggest that you get off the Internet and interact with some actual Pagans or Heathens. Not because UR doin’ it wrong, but because it will afford you an opportunity to see people who are perfectly fulfilled and happy with their own practices, and who aren’t Big Name Pagan X on the interwebs. The majority of my practice is not visible on the web, and when I go to any local pagan gathering or meetup, usually I’m the only person who’s god-touched. And even if I’m not, I’m the only godwife. Most certainly I am the only monastic. I know one other godspouse in my local vicinity, and their marriage is not much like mine and Loki’s, so I don’t have a mirrored experience there either. And yet, all of the people around me are thriving in their own practices that are personal and meaningful to them.

I think on some level it’s starting to become a goal to be god-touched, and that stifles creativity and openness in spiritual practice. If you’re looking for a particular carrot, you may be missing a rich experience of your own that someone else could learn from, and even if it’s for no one but yourself, it’s still valuable to you. So while the above video is in regards to work and productivity, Dan Pink’s point about giving people higher self-motivation and autonomy is still applicable. Give yourself spiritual space for autonomy, flexibility, and creativity.