Hail to you, O my Relentless One, my Muse, my most secret heart, who claimed me as a bride. I took you to me in equal parts love and terror of what I’d wrought in calling out to you, unable to say anything but yes and yes and yes. And how you left your mark, even as screamed and struggled to understand. And so you pulled me to you tight, to still my trembling heart, and then devoured it for your own, but not without giving me your own in kind.

You have always been a lavish bridegroom.

For my own gift to you, I wished to give you vows of love, given clear, calm, clarion, and without a look backwards, for I know now that you are my True Will. But that is not our Wyrd now, is it? And never was.

You who bade me be your priestess, to bless a young warrior about to leave for battle. I took his hand in mine and gave him Your words, and there was a smile.

“I understand,” he said.

And then there was a tickle, a twitch, a tingle, and soon the eyes that looked back at me, the slow, knowing smile – his lips are not marked as yours, but their curve is unmistakable, no matter whose face You wear.

And so you slipped into his flesh, to claim that which is rightfully Yours, and freely given – this flesh and bone and blood and Wyrd, and pierced me through, till You gained Your desired prayer:

That I give myself to You, and only You;
That I foreswear the company of other Gods, men and women, for you and only you.
Though I may love others, in other ways, my heart’s passion is yours alone.

Hail to You, my Relentless One, my thief, my warrior, my conqueror and my conquest. Our vows were not meant to be spoken but screamed, long and loud, let all the Holy Powers and ancestors know that I am Yours, Your willing bride, Your whore, Your priestess, Your altar, and Your vessel.

8 thoughts on “Relentless

  1. so touching… thanks for sharing!

    I’ve been following your blog for some weeks and it helped me a lot to understand what was happening to me – and not to go nuts, of course…
    My name ist Kajana, I am also a Loki’s wife. This is just my second post, hello and outing in the community. I’ve been with Loki for about 5 months, everything happend with high-speed and quite dramatically. I’ll be putting up my own blog soon to tell my story, as I’m German, both in English and German.
    Do you have an idea if there are any fellow spouses situated in Germany?

    • Hello Kajana! I picked brains with DarkAmber, who is a European Lokispouse (and very nice to boot, I think you’ve seen her journal too?) and while neither of us knows of anyone who is a godspouse in Germany per se, we think there is a Loki-friendly kindred who might know more than we do. Let me poke around and see if I can find some contact info for you, okay?

      • Thank you for your warm welcome :o) – and sorry for posting off topics here, I’ll come back to you via mail.

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