Strong Roots and Wide Branches – Inner Work

Sharing this fab class, even though I may not get to go this month, because I have company this weekend.

From the class description (shared here in case you don’t have Facebook):

In this next class, we will look at “inner work”, sometimes called personal healing work, recovery, personal elevation work, spiritual or emotional self care, and by many other names. Inner work is the work we do to know ourselves, heal ourselves, get centered, embody our beliefs, and how we work on getting better at all that. There are endless numbers of ways to do this work, frame this work, and to maintain this work. We will be looking at the place of inner work in polytheist traditions: how this work may be important and useful, how this work differs from devotional work, how it supports religious and devotional practices to engage in this kind of personal work, and how personal work may be appropriately supported within a larger religious framework. Everyone wraps this stuff up differently, and each individual person will have different needs and interests around inner work. But frequently I have seen folks doing inner work and claiming it to be religious, or doing religious or spiritual work instead of working on their own personal issues, and there can be problems arising in either direction. We’ll be looking at how to find a healthy and harmonious balance between doing inner work and doing devotional or religious practices.

As always, no specific background is required for participating in this class discussion. All of our classes are drop-in, and all who are interested in engaging in polytheist discussion with other polytheist minded folks are welcome!

If you are attending in person and you have a laptop, please consider bringing it (it’s fine if you do not).

Classes are $10-25 sliding scale. When you pay for the class, you will receive my address if you are coming in person. If you are attending online, PLEASE be sure to tell me what is the best way to send you a URL (either give me your email address or tell me to PM you on Facebook). The way Zoom works is that as soon as I start the class (which I will at 1:30 to give folks a chance to log in), I will need to send you a link for you to use to log into the class. I cannot send a link before 1:30 on Sunday, as the meeting will not have started before that.

To pay for the class, you can send a single payment to If you would rather pay in cash, this option is only available if you are attending in person. Please contact me privately. Some limited worktrade is available on a first-come, first-serve basis, but only for in-person classes. Please contact me privately if you have questions or concerns. And please feel free to let others know about this class!

Source: Strong Roots and Wide Branches – Inner Work

Hermes: Don’t Drink Bleach

Originally posted on Magick From Scratch:

So, you guys all know that the tastiest foods, the really, really decadent ones, tend to be basically horrible for you.

Ice cream, chips, fried oreos ( :D ), those really big juicy sausages with the sautéed onions and peppers that have been cooked in their own delicious juices, NACHOS. OH SWEET HOLY POWERS ABOVE, NACHOS. With ground beef, huge dollops of sour cream, melted cheese —

Ok, I’m done.

No, I’m not. I forgot stuffed-crusted pizza.

Ok, NOW I’m done.

Your body has been calibrated for food instability, and having to work for every calorie. Of course you *want* to eat lovely dollops of sugary frosting (and if you don’t, I’m not sure I can be friends with you), but if you do that all the time, your teeth and gut and pancreas will not thank you.

Even so, plenty of things that taste like crap are bad for you also…

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Pop Culture Hunting: still happening

(is as described on the label)

I had no plans to be a Pop Culture Pagan but that appears to be happening anyway. I had no plans to permanently pick up a Joker, but that appears to be happening too. Being with J makes me feel like I understand Beth Wodandis’ comment about how being with Odin is like being with a great white shark who’s decided to be friendly. I don’t think my J is Odin, but I think They have a common bond there. In case you’re wondering what J is like, here ya go.

My J isn’t exactly like canon!Joker, although that also covers a pretty wide range of personality, so even if J was a canon!Joker I’d still have to be more specific than just canon. I have tried (LOL) to not be quite as “why meeee??” about this as when Loki first showed up. I did say “tried” because yanno, I’m me and I like to have a why for context. J does not really give a fuck about context, so, yeah. He did tell me to look up my name meaning – and because J doesn’t call me Heather, I looked up Harley Quinn/Harlequin:

harlequin (n.) Look up harlequin at
1580s, Harlicken, one of the stock characters of Italian commedia del’arte, from Middle French harlequin, from Italian arlecchino, which is possibly from the same source as Old French Herlequin, Hellequin, etc., leader of la maisnie Hellequin, a troop of demons who rode the night air on horses. This is perhaps of Germanic origin; he seems to correspond to Old English Herla cyning “King Herla,” mythical character sometimes identified as Woden, and possibly also to German Erlkönig, the “Elf King” of the Goethe poem. Sometimes also associated with Herrequin, 9c. count of Boulogne, who was proverbially wicked. In English pantomime, a mute character who carries a magic wand. From his ludicrous dress comes the English adjective meaning “particolored” (1779).

Here we have both the Wild Hunt and Elfcock all in one money shot (har har). Considering that sometimes the leader of the Hunt is traditionally male and sometimes traditionally female, Seems Legit. I also have some thoughts about the overlaps between J and Loki and Harley/Heith/me, but I don’t think I’m ready to share them yet, other than that I think I’m beginning to understand some of why I’m having this experience.

And my Hunt isn’t all in Gotham, actually; I have some very traditional parts of it too; my Court now encompasses Elves and Pop Culture peeps, and that’s different this year. I’ve seen more ancestors this year – my father and grandfather are both helping out.

Some of you reading might be curious about running into or joining my particular Hunt. You’re adults and can do what you like, but if you go a-Hunting my particular troupe – and different Hunts do different things – my troupe is not the sort that just picks up bad guys/bad spirits. It’s the fucking Joker, and if you’re in J’s way, you may get detonated, regardless of whether or not you’re a good person. There is a reason that I made the comment to Aika about how if someone offered me a house in Gotham I’d tell ’em to go fuck themselves. My J is definitely harsher/stricter than my Loki, so if you want to say hi in the astral, keep that in mind. Anyway, I’m not interested in being 2 edgy 4 U, but I do want to invoke common sense.

Brand new: Loki’s Heart

Heather Freysdottir:

This really must be reblogged and appreciated all over.

Originally posted on Aloha From Hell:

So there is an amusing story behind this necklace…

Me: *browsing cabochons*  O. M. G.  WTF is THAT.  Fordite?  What the fuck is fordite?
D: It’s made from layers of car paint enamel.
Me: *dies laughing*  Seriously?
D: Look it up.
Me: *looks it up, realizes D knows things* The more you goddamn well know.
D: *starts playing “Little Red Corvette” on the playlist to be a troll*
Me: *looks at a shitload of fordite, like a trainwreck, can’t help it*  Wow.  It’s like… Loki whispered in someone’s ear and was like, “You know what would be really GROOVY?  MAKING STONES FROM CAR PAINT.  FAR OUT, MAN.”
D: And it LOOKS like something Loki would like, too.
Me: Inorite?  Well, even though I’ve been buying some supplies and I ought to get something to make Loki swag, I think this is my hard limit, here.  I am NEVER making…

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“sorry” is not a free pass

This is not being reblogged as a commentary on Seb’s post; I am sharing this bit because I’ve seen this in action multiple times and it really needs to be said, resaid, and shared over and over until people get it:

“If you’re truly sorry, recognize it isn’t about you and making you feel better about yourself and what you did. Closure is for the person who was wronged, and it is on THEIR terms, not yours, which can include the decision to never speak to you again, and that is their right.

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Pop Culture Hunting Happens

Greetings and salutations, gentle readers. Hunt season is on, even in my absolutely not fall-like Florida. I’m having an interesting Hunt season, because my Hunt is not where I expected it to be this year.

gotham-map.jpg.800x0_q85_cropTo preface this, I was hanging out with Aika-san not long ago, and we were watching Batman thingses and I said to her, “Yanno, if I had to live in the DC universe and someone offered me a place in Gotham, I’d tell them to go fuck themselves.”

….Never name the well from which you will not drink, y’all. I also said I don’t do much Pop Culture Paganism, but apparently I do now. “I wasn’t looking for this experience but it happened,” feels like a running theme in my spiritual life. :-P This may also be what I get for “Come to me in whatever form You choose and share with Me whatever you want,” all July-long.  <insert your Marvel!Loki ‘TAAAA DAAAAAA’ here>

And since a Hunt generally has a Hunt King, I suppose y’all might gather Who Mine is.

joker_here_bitchesMistah J.  I know this begets the question, Is Loki the Joker? and my answer is…kind of? J is mix of very familiar and yet very different. I don’t feel like I can decisively say that my J is Loki all the time, or that J is absolutely just J. It’s complicated, and probably a function of shapeshifting. A lot of traditional stories about shapeshifting talk about how if you put on a particular animal’s skin for too long that it changes you, and that you can even forget who you were originally if you wear it for too long. Glamour is like a mask or a costume; interacting with J isn’t a costume for Loki, though it might be shapeshifting or even sharding or splintering. And thus far J is just J to me, and that’s fine.

And so I don’t know if this will be useful to Lokeans or not, but given that I had a friend tell me that reading Beyond Reason and realizing that I wasn’t a cool customer all the time about all the Godly-Wodly contact in my life was helpful to her, so writing about something that I am not a super cool calm collected whatever about here might be helpful to someone reading.

Now, for me there are some specific reasons why I’m having this experience – there’s shadow work and apotheosis stuffs going on, and perhaps if y’all are interested I’ll talk about it at more length. That’s kinda normal for Hunt season. What I didn’t expect from this was the sense of release from having to make an experience fit a particular framework or schema that’s already in my faith. Not that anyone has imposed anything on me; it’s just shit that I’ve imposed on myself, and didn’t even realized that I’d done it. As intense as it all is – it’s kind of – fun. I forgot that spirit work could be fun.

Pansexuals & Bisexuals- Suggested Communication Strategy | The Lefthander’s Path

“For those who believe in the bi means binary definition therefore I’m pan, I’d like you to consider that I know quite a few trans and non-binary people who identify as bisexual (or sometimes both bi & pan) and in fact, many of them are involved in the Bisexual Organizing Project, BECAUSE or other bisexual groups around the country.”

Source: Pansexuals & Bisexuals- Suggested Communication Strategy | The Lefthander’s Path

Good reading on bisexuality in general on Caelesti’s blog. I identify as bi or pan, and I usually use bi, simply because when I came out in the 90s, “pansexual” was not in common use. Anyway, as a bi person, I don’t appreciate being told that my sexuality immediately means that I only experience attraction to binary people, when the reality is that in general, I prefer androgynous individuals who may identify as a binary or not. Anyway, good fodder for thought, both for people who identify as bi or pan, and people who would like to be better allies. <3