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“…to slut shame a woman is to say some important things we need to think about. First: For a woman to be shamed by loving a man, men must by definition be unworthy of that love, for if we were worthy of the love she had shared with us, neither one of us would be lessened by it.”

Source: Decoding Slut | mainer74

Excellent meta analysis of slut shaming and rape culture. READ READ READ. Also for those who need trigger warnings, rape is mentioned but not in any detail to any specific act; it’s in the context of rape culture itself.

Silence is Never Consent

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Foxglove & Firmitas

We have to be careful about the rhetoric we use, especially in a forum that relies completely on written word.  I saw this this morning, and I decided not to address it on Patheos, because I don’t want to derail the conversation on racism that is happening.  At the same time, I am not okay with this:

A Quote from a Patheos blog reading, "Thank you for all your support in this discussion, but especially for this. It explains in great detail exactly why I wrote what I wrote. Silence is consent, and I do not consent to racism in my community." The identity of the quoted has been blurred out. Identity withheld due to my assumption that the person quoted simply didn’t think this through before saying it since their chances of being raped are statistically less than mine.

By all means, draw lines when you feel they are needed.  Tell me what you don’t consent to even, because that’s really, really important. But silence?  Silence is never consent.  Ever.

I’m not unaware of the necessity for white people speaking out against other white people’s racist BS.  I will even agree that our silence when it comes to issues of white supremacy allows it…

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Reblog: Giving Power, Taking Power: Emotional Labor, Gender, and Abuse – GODS & RADICALS

Emotional labor is a waitress smiling and laughing even when a customer is rude. Emotional labor is a retail clerk greeting everyone who walks in with a smile, no matter how she actually feels. Emotional labor is a nurse aide acting pleasant even under deeply unpleasant conditions. Emotional labor is the work of acting like you feel a certain way because the boss and customers demand it. And emotional labor, above all, is “women’s work.”

Women who’ve survived abuse often have people asking us why we put up with it, why we stayed even after it became “really” bad. There’s plenty of answers – lack of financial resources, absence of crucial support networks, nowhere to leave to – but I rarely hear the biggest reason of all. Satisfying other people’s desires without expecting reciprocation is what women do; under patriarchy, that’s what “women’s work” means.

Much of the emotional labor required of pink collar workers involves smiling and apologizing at people targeting you with abusive behaviors. Tell an angry, verbally-violent customer, “don’t talk to me like that. I deserve basic respect,” and you’ll likely get fired. Submitting to an abusive partner or family member involves precisely the same work, and it’s work forced on most of us by the power structure of capitalism. The requirements of paid pink-collar work reinforce abusive dynamics at home, while the emotional conditioning of unpaid abuse makes women better at putting up with it on the job.

Capitalism runs on the abuse of women.

Source: Giving Power, Taking Power: Emotional Labor, Gender, and Abuse – GODS & RADICALS

Shout-out to the Spoop Newbs and Older Spoopsters (plus bonus rant)

As someone whose spoop started in my 30s, cosigned.

I’d also add that in many ways I think that mine starting later was advantageous to me because I’ve had many of the life experiences that non-spoopy people have and need counseling or commiseration with, so maybe, just maybe the Gods know what They’re doing when They tap us at a specific time in our lives.

a green branch

A shout-out to people who haven’t been dealing with spoop since their youth.

A shout-out to people whose spoop didn’t start when they were small children, when they were in elementary school, when they had yet to encounter long-division.

A shout-out to people whose spoop didn’t happen in middle-school, near puberty, or before they reached their 18th birthdays.

A shout-out to people who haven’t been dealing with spoop since they were in college, were in their 20s, or were first out adulting in the world.

A shout-out to people who didn’t have spoop happen until they were fathers or mothers, married, divorced or anything in between.

A shout-out to people who didn’t have their spoop happen until they were in their 30s, when they were well or chronically ill or just doing the best they could.

A shout-out to people who didn’t have their spoop happen until they were in…

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What is Heathenry Missing?

Drop that mic, Dagulf!
The longer that I’ve been involved in modern Heathenry, the more I’ve noticed that many people who have worked this religion for a long time have ended up doing one of two things: either converting to a new religion entirely, or exploring other traditions on the side (often claiming that they were sent to X tradition by the Norse gods themselves). The other day I found a video on Youtube made by a man who…

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“This is Hopkins” or “How I Illegally Lost My Job”

Institutionalized racism alert: please consider donating to Black Witch. I have had the experience of being fucked over by a large-scale institution and having so much cronyism that I couldn’t prosecute successfully either. It’s awful, and I hope y’all reading will spread the word and donate.

Black Witch

I usually don’t like to intermix my personal life with Black Witch because this is not a personal blog but this is pretty outstanding…and in a bad way. Yay, asking for donations, [/sarcasm]

I just recently got a new job at John Hopkins University back in September. It was pretty cooland I was stoked because I prefer working in academic libraries. There’s just more stuff to do in comparison to when I was at the Library of Congress. I thought I would finally get myself back on my feet and be pretty ok because at the time, I was going through a super rough patch, as I had mentioned some bits prior.

Then I lost my job without warning on Dec. 15. My supervisor found me shelving books, told me to come with him and before you knew it, I was sitting between him and the libraries’ HR…

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wee update

Pop culture pagan shenanigans: ongoing and currently getting chocolate in my peanut butter and peanut butter in my chocolate.  I may write about this coherently at some point, BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY. /AraGwydion


Aw shit, he’s hot. When did *that* become an invocation?