Interpretatio Romana and Matronae Iconography

While the Matronae and Matres are a collective of indigenous Germanic and Gaulish deities, they were worshipped by a broad cross-section of people in the Roman Empire using Roman religious structures, rituals, and concepts. It is understandable for modern polytheists who are trying to reconstruct old Germanic or Gaulish ways to try and “scrape the Roman trappings off” in an effort to distill Matronae or Matres worship back to its original roots. However, even if…

Source: Interpretatio Romana and Matronae Iconography

About Me Update for 2015

Things you should know about me:

  1. I’m a Lokean godspouse; I’m by no means the only one. He has various (and awesome) husbands and wives and I’m honored to be part of His community. I’d also add that spouse is not the only devotional relationship that you can have with Loki; there are parent/child, friend, master/mentor, friend with benefits, and sibling devotional relationships, etc. I’ve been with Loki a great deal longer than I’ve been Lokean, and He is my Muse of Fire.
  2. I wrote a bestselling memoir on Pagan Polytheist mysticism, Beyond Reason. It even got mentioned at the Wild Hunt. Beyond Reason goes into more depth about my mystical experiences than I’m able to do on a blog.
  3. I am NOT a reconstructionist. I am a Revivalist/Immersion Polytheist, and I am concerned with creating a vibrant, loving, positive living tradition.
  4. I practice Nichiren Buddhism in addition to Paganism/Polytheism of the Lokean Vanatruar variety.
  5. I don’t argue with people on the Internet.
  6. I’m a feminist and a liberal. If you engage in misogynistic commenting, slut-shaming, body policing, ableist, anti-GLBTQ, or racist remarks, your commentary will be cheerfully deleted without a single fuck given. And I moderate comments on this blog, so it will never be seen publicly. You won’t be given an opportunity to trigger anyone here.
  7. The tears of meninist manbabies, nokeans, and dudebrotrus are a refreshing stream in which I bathe. See the exhibit below.
  8. nokean_tears
  9. This blog is dedicated to spirit spousery, which is a well-attributed, cross-cultural phenomena, and it is particularly prevalent in historical accounts of witchcraft. If this doesn’t convince you of its validity, I’m okay with that; I don’t consider it my job to teach people about how “right/valid/whatever” it is or how “wrong” they are if they don’t agree with it. I’m here to help people who are experiencing this phenomena. If it’s not right for you, it’s okay, y’all. Peace be with you, and find some reading better suited to you.
  10. I’m a mother, and I do a lot of Work with my Disir (the Heathen Tribal Mothers who protect family lines); however, I DO NOT believe a woman’s worth is measured by her reproductive status.
  11. I have a couple advanced degrees in ed and communication sciences, with a heavy emphasis on linguistics and phonology. I served as a teacher before my immune disorder kicked in. I miss the children; I don’t miss the politics of public service.
  12. I’ve worked professionally as a writer, editor, and publisher, for both small presses and large scientific journals. I am also an acquisitions editor for Burning Heart Press.
  13. If you log on here for the sole purpose of saying shitty things about Loki, godspouses, or whatever, I will not publish your comments, however, I will probably share the more ignorant ones with my friends so that we can mock them via Godspouse Bingo.
  14. I have an autoimmune disorder, like many spiritworkers.
  15. I don’t use the word “shaman” because Loki doesn’t, however, I am a big believer in using whatever terminology the Gods tell you to use. It’s not my place to correct Them.
  16. I’m engaged in Sacred Queenship, which is tied to both Loki and to my Disir, many of Whom are royal, and blood kin to me.
  17. This does not make me better than you; it makes me beholden to serve Them, and this is done mainly by modeling feminine sovereignty, and asserting that one may be feminine and Still Know a Thing or Two. Again, this has nothing to do with reproductive status per se; one of the elders I love and cherish best has never had children herself. A woman’s worth does not begin or end with her chromosomes, her ability to reproduce, or with her ability to incite sexual desire in others. (that’s right, TERFs, keep walking)
  18. Not every spousal relationship looks like mine. I don’t disclaimer the crap out of my writing because as an editor, I find the terms “I think” and “I feel” or “your mileage may vary” to be weak writing. Of course the opinion given is mine; I’m the one writing it, and I’m not interesting in placating your sexism or internalized misogyny.
  19. Use what you can of my experiences, discard what isn’t useful to you; rest assured I won’t be offended if your mileage does vary because it’s supposed to vary.
  20. I’ve been told that I sound authoritative when I write, and that’s probably because that’s what I’ve been trained to do. Pedagogy is part of my professional degrees, certifications, and experience. However, I would like anyone reading to understand that my personal philosophy of education is that my word is not law, my word is a starting point for anyone who learns from me. If you gentle readers reach conclusions based on your experiences, I have done my work correctly, regardless of whether or not your conclusions match mine.
  21. Per Loki’s wishes, I am primarily focused on my writing at this time. If you need a reading, I may be able to help you, or I may direct you to another spiritworker. If you’re interested in having a reading in-person, contact the Raven Faerie for my hours and availability. I will also be conducting seidhr sessions periodically, and they will be announced about a week in advance.
  22. I do not take “Does X Deity want a relationship with me?” readings anymore. I’ve decided that over the course of my Wild Ride with Himself that Team Norse does not court subtly; if He or She wants you, you’ll figure it out quickly.
  23. I do not engage in free pastoral counseling, and there are some questions I simply do not take, such as validating someone’s relationship with Loki, or otherwise mediating a dispute between you and Him. If you need counseling of that nature, I highly recommend you actually seek out someone who works with Loki on a more casual or less intimate basis, or perhaps someone who works with the Norse pantheon and is not Nokean but also not oathed to Him. Questions on how to build a practice are a-okay. My paypal addy is lokisbruid AT gmail DOT com if you’re interested, and I’m available.
  24. I’ve been Pagan for 15 years. It’s entailed investigating a number of paths, from Wicca to ceremonial magick, to agnosticy paganism. Initially heathenry’s conservative elements put me off of identifying as heathen. I’m part of an online interfaith study group because Loki appears to have no f*cks to give about pantheon boundaries, titles, labels, or other such shenanigans.
  25. I’m also a Lokean nun, but I’d like to reiterate that not all godspouses engage in monasticism.
  26. Sometimes I’m slow to answer email. If I’m sick, I take time to recover.
  27. Also, I’m still not a reconstructionist.
  28. Other questions and comments can be directed to lokisbruid AT gmail DOT com. Be advised that I’m a southern swamp witch and I prefer manners and civil discourse.

FAQ updated 8/30/2015.

ETA: All seriousness aside, everyone who has ever lurked my blog and then met me IRL has had this experience:



Water Shadow Work

Tonight’s full moon is in Pisces, which is good for emotional work and shadow work. I don’t post a lot of Workings here, but I’m getting poked to put up this one, so I am.

This is an exercise in shadow work and self-compassion.

Self-compassion is hard – we have societal pressures, like toxic masculinity where men are expected to suppress their emotions, because they’re supposed to be self-disciplined and dominant all the time; we have toxic femininity where women aren’t supposed to be feel dominant and confident and all our self-worth is tied up in others’ approval of us. Some of us are perfectionists. All of these things fuck with our ability to be self-compassionate.

This exercise will be done with two cups – one with a teaspoon or two of water (5 or 10 ml), and another full of water – in fact, if you’re a neatnik, fill the left cup up, and then take your teaspoon or two out of the full cup to prevent spillage later. Put them on your altar. Take the full one, and put it on the left, and the almost-empty on the right. In my tradition, you receive energy with the left and you give with the right.

Now, on a sheet of paper,make a fearless inventory of shit that you’ve fucked up, things that hurt you, etc. Mine has things like ‘why did i ever talk to the guy who raped me’ to ‘i wish I’d handled misgendering Xperson better before I learned how to be a better ally’ to i hate my body when it doesn’t work the way it used to’ or ‘i wish i could have found my dad and seen him before he died’ and so on. Y’all get the idea. Try to drag up the shit that bugs you in the middle of the night when you can’t sleep. The reason to write it down is so that when you cleanse these things, you won’t leave anything out.

Now, beside the full cup,  write down another list: things that let you know that you’re loved. Mine, as an example, has things like: My son. My mom. My wife. My Husband. Things people have said to me about how my work or my honesty has helped them. It doesn’t matter how long the lists are, because ultimately the full cup represents love and gratitude.

Take the cup on the right, and name off your list, breathing into the water each guilt, mistake, whatever needs to be forgiven. Naming the things lets you own what you hate in yourself, and makes you less sensitive to it in others. Then take the cup on the left and hold it so that you have a cup in each hand. Raise the full one and state: “this is the love and compassion that others have for me. This is my acceptance that I did the best that I could with the knowledge, courage, and wisdom that I had at the time. I forgive myself. I love myself.” Pour in the water from the left cup into the right, and drink deep.

A Patient Wolf

Loki is so very very good at acting human that I have a high level of comfort with Him. He holds me lovingly. But occasionally, He squeezes me just tight enough that I can feel how sharp His teeth really are. How He really could shake me and whip me around like a ragdoll if He wanted to. And then I am reminded that this is part of why I enjoy the ride.

A Theurgic Devotional Ceremony For Unifying The Faces of Your Deity

Heather Freysdottir:

Thinky thoughts to follow.

Originally posted on Magick From Scratch:

Is there is anything more universal to the Gnostic Polytheist, Mystic Pagan or Spirit Worker than having an intense experience of the divine and wondering, “how much of this is in my head?”

Many things shape the way we perceive deities. These include our personal beliefs about the divine, the tradition we are practicing, the way deities are spoken about in a community, who we are, and, as we learn from the apotheosis of Semele, who we are meant to become.

The early stages of developing our connection to a deity involve purifying our connection to them and figuring out who we are on a mythic level, so that we can tell ourselves from our deities. It also helps to be aware of community dialogue and how this forms our expectations.

There are reasons other than personal filter, however, that we do not see a deity exactly as they…

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The Bullies Don’t Actually Know You: A Vital Reminder In How Crowd-Sourced Jerks Work | Ferrett Steinmetz

h/t to Caelesti of The Left-Hander’s Path for the link.

“…society has trained most of us that if a hundred people are jeering and pointing, you must have done something wrong.

But you haven’t.  You said something they didn’t like – something they can’t actually argue with, because if they were smart enough to debate your concepts, they’d be off explaining why what you said was wrong.  And having lost the intellectual argument due to a lack of functioning neurons, they have now moved to the Shut this person up phase and will now throw bricks until one of them hits.

Chances are, they’ll eventually luck upon a bad description of you that fits.  But remember: they don’t actually care about that.  All they want is your tears followed by your silence.

You’re allowed either tears or silence, you know.  Engaging is exhausting.  Nobody’s obliged to battle phase-shifting morons.

But if you really wanna show those fuckers up, want to enrage them in the best way possible?  Keep talking.  Ignore them, and concentrate on spreading that original message they couldn’t effectively deny.  Because when you focus on that message and properly categorize the thousands of insults they’re blindly trying out on you, you come to realize that these aren’t insults but a modified jamming technique – filling the air with thousands of messy signals in an attempt to drown the broadcast that terrifies them.

The insults feel personal.  But just like what happened to my smart and competent friend, they only feel personal because they tried out several variations of insults that were so laughably not you that they didn’t fit, running down a long list until they found something that jarred.

That’s not actually personal.  They don’t know you.

They just know they want to shut you up.”

Source: The Bullies Don’t Actually Know You: A Vital Reminder In How Crowd-Sourced Jerks Work | Ferrett Steinmetz