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I am reblogging for signal boost, but also because I recently bought a love knot necklace from Nono, and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of workmanship and materials in the necklace. I may edit this and add a picture of me wearing it, just so y’all can see how beautiful it is.

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So… I have these beading organizers. For the last few years I’ve had stuff taking up space in them that I just… haven’t used.  (Like we are talking back from my first couple years in California, that is how old this stuff is, a good 6-7 years old.) And as happens, said organizers have gotten disrupted enough that they pretty much stopped being organized.  (This was a long while back.)

As I’m moving across the country and having to ship my possessions eastward, I am prioritizing what to take with me, and the beads that I actually use to make things to make money with are of way higher priority than beads I am never going to get around to using.  (And I would like to reclaim my organizers to actually organize beads I am actually using, and keep them that way.)

So as part of my “garage sale”, I…

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Avoiding Reactionary Theology | Magick From Scratch

The answer to a theological question is the dialogue between the various possible answers. That dialogue should not end. Different answers will work for different people and different times. Put one on the back-burner if you need to, but never throw it out. Let the contradiction sit, and be comfortable sitting with that contradiction. Also: don’t abandon your community because you have unique ideas, and don’t drive people out of your community just because their ideas aren’t the same as everyone else’s.

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Loki is bound.
Loki is free.
Loki killed Baldur.
Loki was no where near when the mistletoe struck.
Loki was in on the two-man con.
Loki was a victim of the con.
Loki is mad.
Loki is

An Outsider’s View of God-Spousery.

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Can I just thank the Gods for a moment that this is a polite, respectful post on godspousery that abstains from trying to set a bar for legitimacy?

Yes, good. Thank you, Magick from Scratch.

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“Let us go, my Beloved, to greet the Bride
The Queen’s Whole Self shall we welcome”
— From L’kha Dodi, the Jewish Evening Sabbath service.

The term “god-spouse” always seems to carry with it a discussion.

“Can a person really be married to a deity?”

“Are they claiming equality to that divinity, and are they really any closer to them than the rest of us?”

“If someone claims to be a god spouse, I expect them to be exceptionally devoted.”

“I can’t imagine that they gods pick and choose favorites.”

While most of the discussion that non-god-spouses seem to have about the phenomenon focuses on the idea of legitimacy, I have an entirely different question to ask. What does it mean? Why have the gods chosen to do this?

Why am I even exploring this issue? My apologies to all the various and sundry god-spouses out there. You fascinate…

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Mysteries: You Won’t Learn This In Books

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Shauna Aura Knight talks about how valuable learning in-person is for Pagans. Some things really are easier to teach and to learn live.

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The first thing most seekers want is books. And yes–books are valuable. I write books, I read books. But some things, you just can’t learn from reading. And that’s people involved in spiritual work mean when we say, “It’s a mystery.” The mysteries are the things that we can write about over and over, but you really won’t get it until you’ve experienced them for yourself.

I field a lot of questions from seekers on various online lists and groups, as well as when I travel and teach at events or offer events in Chicago. What’s the first question people usually ask me?

“What books should I read?”

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A little reminder

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Moving is costly, and Nono has some great stuff in his Etsy shop. I recently purchased a necklace and was really impressed with the quality of workmanship that he puts into his jewelry. I do a bit of beading for fun, so I know what good quality materials and construction look like. If you are shopping for holiday presents, this is a great time to snap up something beautiful and well-made for a loved one.

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So… the plans for my move are in place and I’ll be fairly busy the next several weeks with the different phases of what needs to be done.  The super-fun part, and by super-fun I mean not really, is going to be FedExing my shit to CT.  I went through this with UPSing my stuff from SoCal to Oregon when I moved in 2013 and good lord that was a pain in the ass.  (And it’s going to be an expensive pain in the ass.  This is actually the most expensive part of my move, is moving my shit, though making the arrangements to bring my little furball with me hasn’t been cheap either.)  So along those lines…

I am parting with stuff that I don’t really have a use for, and can’t justify taking up space in my boxes (as that adds weight, even with smaller items)… but maybe you…

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D has given me a lot of helpful advice over the last few months; one thing he’s said that has really stuck with me – and that he encouraged me to share here on my blog – was “Be the best version of yourself, not a half-assed version of someone else.” He’s told me to not compare myself to others, but instead, focus on what I do have to offer with regards to my spirit-work services, my art… because nobody else’s work is exactly like mine.

Refraining from playing the comparison game hard when we feel like our religious lives ought to be more active, or when there’s things we’d like to accomplish that we haven’t had time/energy for… and especially when it seems like others are accomplishing more than us. Like other pagan artisans or writers. The comparison game, speaking from experience, is not only not helpful but is the antithesis to productivity. When I feel like I’m “doing it wrong” I get the fuckits and am more prone to falling off the wain. :P I have to keep in mind that I can only do the best with what I have. My religious practise does not need to look like other people’s, because other people are not me and they have different requirements in their spiritual relationships than I do; even if Random Spirit-Worker X and I have relationships with the same entities and we have similar Jobs, our relationships with those entities are going to be necessarily different, and our Work is going to manifest differently, because we’re different people and we’re coming to it with different “stuff” in its makeup.

The comparison game can happen with admirers – people who look up to you and feel like they fall short; I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard “Nono I wish I had what you had” or “I wish I could do what you do” and so on, and I’m like “no, no, do your own thing, your own thing is perfectly good”. Unfortunately, it’s not just always with admirers – when you get popular you are inevitably going to run into haters, I have a few “fans” on Tumblr. A lot of times hate is born in jealousy (even if the haters will pretend otherwise), especially if they feel like they’ve accomplished less or they feel like they’re less talented, and so on. Sometimes people may not be outright haters, but may be quietly feeding their inner envy monster.
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Comparison does indeed suck the joy out of life. Have a read over Nornoriel’s post; it’s helpful no matter whether you’re old or new at this type of Work.

I especially appreciate it because I have been nudged (okay at this point it’s a shove) to write a book about godspousery; the Loki devotional that I was attempting to put out has just morphed into that anyway.  Please allow me a moment to eye the Husband suspiciously.

I have tried to wriggle my way out of writing a godspouse book for the same reason that many others have ended up NOPE NOPE NOPEing on it – it invites comparisons, because you have to talk about your own experiences, and well, no one’s marriage with Loki is exactly like mine and vice versa. I don’t think that my relationship with Loki is the gold standard that everyone else should try to live up to, yanno? But you can say over and over that experiences can and should vary and still have people who can’t or won’t listen to that bit. Regardless, it seems this project is mine to write, and so that is what I will be doing – already am, actually, in that I have some stuff written already, and I’ve been working on organizing it into a more cohesive work. Some of it will be revised and expanded from this blog; some of it is new material. I’ve debated whether to make it all helpful how-to or all mysticism, but it appears to be shaping itself into a mixture of both, which seems appropriate to me in the sense that most godspouses act as a bridge or a gateway for their Beloveds in one fashion or another.

This also means that this blog will probably not see a lot of regular long posts, though I don’t rule out writing shorter things. The bulk of my writing brain is going into this for now. I may write some shorter stories because I find short fiction easier to pen when I am low-spoon, and fall is often a low-spoon time of year for me. It’s a good time for me to be indoors, however, because I usually spend fall trying not to get sick and/or hospitalized.

Will you deny Me? (Heh, no, no I don’t think I will . . . .)

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Amazing poem by Jo Dawe. <3

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Will you deny Me?
In the dark hours of the early morning,
In the quiet spaces of your day,
In the busy moments snatched here and there,
When you come back into My embrace
When you rest your head where it belongs,
When you place your soul in My capable hands,
Will you deny Me?
As your heart is filled with My loving,
As your body is filled with My breath,
As your mind is caught up, and your very spirit infused with My presence.
I have loved you
Not for what you can give to Me
Not for what you can show to others
Not for the names that you call Me
I have loved you
For you are a balm to My being
You are warmth and wonder and joy
Do you think We, too, are not moved by hearts reaching out?
Do you think We have all…

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